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Cell Name Tissue of Origina Agea Sexa Prior Treatmenta,b Epithelial Histologya,c Source Ploidyd p53 Functione mdrf Doubling Timeg Institute Contributor Reference Fingerprint linkh


a Information from Stinson, et al., (Anticancer Res. 1992 Jul-Aug;12(4):1035-53), DTP, ATCC, and other sources.
b Prior_Treatment: BCNU=Bis(chlorethyl)nitrosourea;CCNU=chloroethylecyclohexylnitrosourea; CyPh=cyclophosphamide;CsPt=cisplatin;Ctx=cytoxan;5FU=5-fluorouracil; Hu=hydroxyurea;Mto=mitoxantrone;Pred=prednisone;VB=vinblastine;6MP=6-mercaptopurine; Rad=radiation;Mtx=methotrexate;PiBr=piprobromine;Adr=adriamycin.
c Histology: "UD"=undifferentiated, "md"=moderately differentiated, "wd"=well differentiated, "pd"=poorly differentiated, and "vpd"=very poorly differentiated
d Ploidy information from the NCBI SKY/M-FISH and CGH Database (Roschke, et al., Cancer Res. 63 : 8634-8647, 2003)
e p53 status as determined by yeast growth functional assay: (O'Conner, et al. Cancer Res. 1997 Oct 1;57(19):4285-300).
f Multi-drug resistance (MDR) functional assay results. From DTP site (Lee, et al., Mol Pharmacol. 1994 Oct;46(4):627-38).
g Doubling times described at DPT.
h The Fingerprint calculations are described in Lorenzi et al., (Mol Cancer Ther 2009, 8(4)). To learn how to compare your DNA Fingerprint(s) to those of the NCI-60 click here.
i ME:LOXIMVI is amelanotic.
j ME:MDA_MB435 was apparently derived from the pleural effusion of a patient with breast cancer, and it has been reported to express some proteins characteristic of breast origin. However, its molecular profiles in all of our databases (transcript expression, protein expression, drug sensitivity, etc.) are absolutely characteristic of melanotic melanoma (see, e.g., Scherf, et al., Nat. Genet. 24:236 (2000); Ross, et al., ibid, 24:227 (2000)).
k ME:MDA_N was derived from ME:MDA_MB_435 by transfection with a plasmid designed to express erbB2. ME:MDA_N and ME:MDA_MB_435 are very similar under non selective conditions.
l OV:NCI_ADR-RES (called NCI-ADR-RES in DTP tabulations) was derived from OVCAR8 by culturing with Adriamycin and is classically multi-drug resistant. It was originally called, MCF7_ADR-RES, then the agnostic NCI_ADR-RES, but our SKY (Roschke, et al., Cancer Res. 63:8634 (2003)) and CGH (Bussey, et al., Mol. Ca. Ther. 5:853 (2006)) studies clearly showed its derivation from OVCAR8.

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