Input Data File Preparation for Web Interface

The format of the total and changed-gene files for High-Throughput GoMiner is identical to that for the original GUI version. An additional constraint in High-Throughput GoMiner is that there must be no spaces in the file names.

High-Throughput GoMiner can simultaneously process many changed-gene files, using the same total-gene file. Either a single changed-gene file or zip archive containing multiple changed-gene files can be uploaded. Hidden Unix files (those that begin with a period) are ignored if they are accidentally included in the zip file. Single total or changed genes file names should end with a .txt extension, and zip archives should end with a .zip extension. The order of the results in some of the visualizations in the integrative output files depends on the order of files in the zip archive.

Command-Line Interface Input

A variant of this format is used for the command-line interface.

GoMiner™ is a development of the Genomics and Pharmacology Facility, Developmental Therapeutics Branch (DTB), Center for Cancer Research (CCR), National Cancer Institute (NCI).

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