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GoMiner™ application has now reached its end of life

Thanks for using GoMiner™. The GoMiner™ application was created back in 2003. One of our popular Miner Suite applications in Genomics and Pharmacology Facility/DTB/CCR/NCI/NIH. After 15+ years later, the GoMiner™ has now reached its end of life. The GoMiner™ application, documentation and database will no longer be updated. All the files are still available for download on our website. You can build your own GO database locally and use GoMiner™ application on your computer. The High-Throughput GoMiner™ is still available on the website for use but the latest available database update is from 2017-01.

GoMiner™ is a tool for biological interpretation of 'omic' data – including data from gene expression microarrays. Omic experiments often generate lists of dozens or hundreds of genes that differ in expression between samples, raising the question

What does it all mean biologically?

To answer this question, GoMiner leverages the Gene Ontology (GO) to identify the biological processes, functions and components represented in these lists. Instead of analyzing microarray results with a gene-by-gene approach, GoMiner classifies the genes into biologically coherent categories and assesses these categories. The insights gained through GoMiner can generate hypotheses to guide additional research.

The Getting Started section with guidance on chosing between GoMiner and High-Throughput GoMiner

New Features

To get started using GoMiner

GoMiner displays the genes within the framework of the Gene Ontology hierarchy in two ways

In the form of a tree, similar to that in AmiGO In the form of a 'Directed Acyclic Graph' (DAG)

Size of the box is propotional log n

Thumbnail of GoMiner's Tree View.  Click to Enlarge Thumbnail of GoMiner's DAG View.  Click to Enlarge

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The program also provides:

Quantitative and statistical analysis Seamless integration with important public databases
Thumbnail of GoMiner's Data Export Format.  Click to Enlarge Thumbnail of an external tool accessible from GoMiner. Click to see an image depicting a number of such resources

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GoMiner™ is a development of the Genomics and Pharmacology Facility, Developmental Therapeutics Branch (DTB), Center for Cancer Research (CCR), National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Please email us with any problems, questions or feedback on the tool.

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