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Core Application

Install Helper Applications

The first two helper applications are web browser components, and provide additional visualization features.

SVG Viewer

You need an SVG-capable web browser. The most common options are to use Internet Explorer (IE) with the Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in or to use the Firefox web browser. If the Adobe SVG Viewer is not already installed, you can download the installer from Adobe, and then run it. Firefox has native SVG capability, and does not require the plug-in.

If you are using a different SVG viewer on your platform, there is an option in GoMiner to save SVG's to a file, so you can open it with another viewer.

NCBI Cn3D Viewer

NCBI Cn3D Viewer provides a tool to view 3D molecular structures from the NCBI ENTREZ STRUCTURE database

Install GO Database and Association Enhancements Locally :

When you download GoMiner, it is configured to query a database hosted on the GoMiner site. You may wish to run a copy of the database for performance or for data customization. For example, one particular customization that we have made available is a feature that enhances the gene term associations for human data. If you want to install a local database follow these installation instructions.

GoMiner™ is a development of the Genomics and Pharmacology Facility, Developmental Therapeutics Branch (DTB), Center for Cancer Research (CCR), National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Please email us with any problems, questions or feedback on the tool.

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