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  • Sources: Click on the names of each of the molecular species represented in the map to reach sources of additional information (pubmed, UniGene, GeneCards, etc).
  • Annotations: To reach an annotation for a particular molecular interaction, click on the annotation number (example: A12) within the maps. Clicking on the reference numbers (example: R34) within the text of the annotation will lead to the cited references.
  • Other maps: To toggle between S phase, mitosis, DNA damage and replication inhibition maps, click on the navigation bar.
Adjusting the image
  • Panning: Hold the alt key and click-and-drag with the mouse to pan the map. When the scroll lock is enabled and Adobe SVG Viewer has the focus, the arrow keys may be used to pan the image.
  • Zooming: Hold the control key and click to zoom in at the mouse pointer location. Hold the control key and click-and-drag to select a region to zoom into. Hold the control and shift keys and click to zoom out. You can also use the zoom commands in the context menu.
  • Viewer menu: Right-click in the image area to open the viewer menu. This will reveal the commands and options for interacting with the SVG image.
Adobe provides additional information about the Adobe SVG Viewer for Windows and for Macs