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Molecular interaction map of the p53 and Mdm2 logic elements, which control the Off-On switch of p53 in response to DNA damage

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Molecular interaction map of the p53 and Mdm2 logic elements

Date last update: Dec. 21, 2004

Kurt W. Kohn and Yves Pommier

Implemented by : Margot Sunshine, Hong Cao and David Kane

To read the original paper describing this map and the symbols used, click

The molecular network that controls responses to genotoxic stress is centered at p53 and Mdm2. Recent findings have shown this network to be more complex than previously envisioned. Using a notation specifically designed for circuit diagram-like representations of bioregulatory networks, we have prepared an updated molecular interaction map of the immediate connections of p53 and Mdm2, which are described as logic elements of the network. We use the map as the basis for a comprehensive review of current concepts of signal processing by these logic elements.

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