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Kohn Molecular Interaction Maps

A diagram convention is described that is capable of unambiguous representation of networks containing multi-protein complexes, protein modifications, and enzymes that are substrates of other enzymes. A map was prepared of the mammalian cell cycle and DNA repair control network. In order to facilitate linkage to a database, each molecular species usually is represented only once in a diagram. Molecular species can be located on the map by means of indexed grid coordinates. Each interaction is referenced to an annotation list where pertinent information and references can be found. Parts of the network are grouped into functional subsystems. The map shows how multi-protein complexes could assemble and function at gene promoter sites and at sites of DNA damage. It also portrays the richness of connections between the p53-Mdm2 subsystem and other parts of the network.

Reference: Kohn, Molec. Biol. Cell 1999 Aug;10(8):2703-34

Suggestions are welcome for further develpment of the map.

Email comments, corrections, or suggestions to or write to Kurt W. Kohn, Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, Division of Basic Sciences, NCI, Building 37, Room 5068, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892.


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