AbMiner is an antibody search tool that allows users to scan commercially available antibodies and to match each to its respective genomic identifiers. The unique feature of this anitibody collection is that all antibodies are screened by Western blot and the results are provided in AbMiner. The sample used for antibody screening was a pool of the NCI-60 cancer cell lines, comprised of 60 different cell lines from 9 different tissues of origin (more info?). Besides results, AbMiner also includes the diluitons used and pertinent vendor information for all antibodies.

The target antigen for each antibody was translated to the encoding gene symbol using MatchMiner. Other identifiers include gene name, HUGO status, UniGene Cluster ID, RefSeq for protein and mRNA, and Entrez Gene Ids. We will update these identifiers periodically as new information becomes available. Users can search AbMIner by any of the identifiers and easily navigate between antibody, protein, mRNA, and gene.

Quick Search

Begin your search here if you have particular antibody name in mind. If you can't find what you are looking for, try a more detailed search (see below).

Advanced Search

There are several more advanced search options. You can refine your searches for anitbodies by entering one or more of the following fields: molecular weight, immunogen, species reactivity, Ig isotype, and more. Each additional field entered will be combined with the previous field, further limiting the search. For example if you enter antibody name of 'cyclin' and molecular weight is between 30 and 50, we will only show antibodies that meet ALL those conditions. Also, you can search for antibodies to a particular gene by entering one of the following gene identifiers: gene symbol, gene name, UniGene Cluster ID, RefSeq (mRNA, protein), and Entrez Gene ID. You can also search by uploading a list of these identifiers by first specifying the type of identifier and then identifing the file to upload.

Browse Antibodies

If you don't have a favorite antibody in mind, you can browse our entire list. Antibody information can also be search by users query.

Browse Antibodies by Gene

Just want to see the list of gene information for all the antibodies that AbMiner contains? You can peruse our gene details list.


A paper describing the AbMiner tool has been published in BMC Bioinformatics.

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To learn how to use AbMiner, we have developed a QuickStart guide In addition, we have also prepared a number of sample files to help you get started with Lookup and Merge Operations.

Some files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.