Epigenome-wide DNA methylation analysis of small cell lung cancer cell lines suggests potential chemotherapy targets
2020 June 25
Julia Krushkal , Thomas Silvers, William C. Reinhold, Dmitriy Sonkin, Suleyman Vural, John Connelly, Sudhir Varma, Paul S. Meltzer, Mark Kunkel, Annamaria Rapisarda, David Evans, Yves Pommier and Beverly A. Teicher

Candidate biomarker assessment for pharmacological response
2020 July 8
William C. Reinhold, Fathi Elloumi, Sudhir Varma, Jacques Robert, Gordon B. Mills, Yves Pommier

Association of Independent Prognostic Factors and Treatment Modality With Survival and Recurrence Outcomes in Breast Cancer
2020 July 9
Dat Nguyen, John Yu, William C. Reinhold and Sherry X. Yang

Epigenetic Regulation of DNA Repair Pathway Choice by MacroH2A1 Splice Variants Ensures Genome Stability
2020 September 3
Robin Sebastian, Eri K. Hosogane, Eric G. Sun, Andy D. Tran, William C. Reinhold, Sandra Burkett, David M. Sturgill, Prabhakar R. Gudla, Yves Pommier, Mirit I. Aladjem and Philipp Oberdoerffer

SCLC-CellMiner: A Resource for Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line Genomics and Pharmacology Based on Genomic Signatures
2020 October 20
Camille Tlemsani, Lorinc Pongor, Fathi Elloumi, Luc Girard, Kenneth E. Huffman, Nitin Roper, Sudhir Varma, Augustin Luna, Vinodh N. Rajapakse, Robin Sebastian, Kurt W. Kohn, Julia Krushkal, Mirit I. Aladjem, Beverly A. Teicher, Paul S. Meltzer, William C. Reinhold, John D. Minna, Anish Thomas and Yves Pommier