NCI-60 Analysis Tools

This page provides automation of several commonly done analyses. For a complete description of the CellMiner options, go to the "Home" tab above.
For a detailed description of the functionalities and how to use them, see (Reinhold, Cancer Res, 2012).
Please try our experimental interactive site [CellMinerCDB] for exploring NCI-60 data in conjunction with data from the CCLE, CTRP, GDSC cell line datasets.
Please send feedback to our email, especially if you have connection issues.

Step 1 - Select analysis type:

       [help] 1 [help]
       1 [help] 1 [help]
       1 [help] [help]
       1 [help]  
(limit 10) [help]
1 Identifiers and drug mechanism of action definitions. [Identifier file] [Machine readable version].
2 Pattern Comparison input template [download].

Step 2 - Select input format:

Examples:   abcb1
Note: the user may enter only 50 identifiers in their list. This will return only exact matches to the list entered.

Your results will be e-mailed to you when they are complete.